Our projects

ArcadiaCon Visit

What is ArcadiaCon? It's a two-day annual tropical gaming convention held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. ArcadiaCon packs Minecraft based contests, a gaming arcade, and live performances. ArcadiaCon is a place not only for YouTubers and streamers to connect together, but a place for fans to take part in the gaming community. ArcadiaCon kicks off at 10:00AM on June 27th, hope to see you there!

Beam Visit

The Future of Live Streaming Beam is a live streaming platform designed from the ground up with next generation web technologies by the team at MCProHosting. With a community-centric approach to development & never-before-seen features, we're confident that we offer a service that far exceeds the quality and functionality of our competitors.

ProPack Visit

The ProPack is a modpack put together by the MCProHosting team for new players to the modding side of Minecraft. The aim of this pack is to help bridge the gap between vanilla Minecraft and the modpack world. We have done this by limiting the amount of mods in the pack - which also makes the modpack lightweight - and we have chosen not to include complex machine mods.

RuleNetwork Visit

RuleMedia® was founded with the purpose of trully setting the standards in the online entertainment industry. Products ranging from film production aid, post-production mastering all the way through to beautiful website and graphics design for creators. Rule follows a few very strict core principals one of which is ensuring all of our clients are not only getting the most out of their service but are having an absolute blast doing so! RuleMedia and Rule are a joint venture between MCProHosting LLC and Illuminata LTD.