Our Staff


Matthew S Co-Founder

Matt founded MCProHosting in September of 2011 after meeting James Boehm. He's passionate about high availability infrastructure and web performance! In his free time you'll find him programming, designing theater lighting, flying planes, and creating short films.


James B Co-Founder

Born with entrepreneurship in his blood, James Boehm started MCProHosting with Matthew Salsamendi after meeting him online. James is an avid suit wearer, businessman and American.


Lacie A Head of Partner Relations

In addition to providing support for MCProHosting, Lacie maintains an up-and-coming YouTube channel. In her free time, she enjoys writing, programming, and playing video games!


Cory G Head Systems Administrator

Cory is a SysAdmin by trade and is well-known in the Minecraft Community; you may have seen lingering or AFK on Minecraft servers, don't worry! He's AFK for a reason, and that's likely because he's working and left his Minecraft open, 24/7. In his free time, he works on his server, builds websites and watches too many TV Shows.


Dusty A Systems Administrator

Dusty is a programmer who has created several popular Minecraft mods. He started as part of the support team, and now maintains the systems that uphold our infrastructure.


Cade Y Systems Administrator

Cade is just a small time dev / sysadmin, livin' in a lonely terminal.


Ashley P Support Specialist

Ashley is an avid gamer, Imgurian, and enjoys all things toast. Her favorite past times include petting stingrays, spending time with her dogs, poking our technicians with sticks and #modpacktraining. She has been involved with Minecraft servers since 2011 and looks forward to answering your tickets for many years to come!


Todd L Support Specialist

Todd enjoys spending his time playing Minecraft and lurking around Twitch. He is a student at the University of Central Florida and can be found petting stingrays and, of course, #ModpackTraining.


Jacob Y Support Specialist

Jacob has been playing Minecraft since early alpha or beta. He is here to provide the best support and help as many as he can. Avid gamer and enjoys finding new thing to do all the time.


Kevin L Support Specialist

Kevin started playing Minecraft when it first released for Xbox 360. Starting his own server in 2013 he learned the ins and outs of many different plugins. In his free time he enjoys playing with plugins, gaming, creating YouTube content, and more!


Adam L Tier III Support Representative

Adam enjoys spending his time playing video games. He enjoys trying to break many different games, or just pushing them to their crashing point. When he isn’t breaking things, he likes to spend his time streaming on Twitch, or just watching YouTube. He is studying Psychology currently in college.


Daniel W Tier III Support Representative

Daniel's main goal is to make sure that the clients are happy with their experience here at MCProHosting. He has finished going to school for 3D Computer Animation and Game Design.


Samantha S Tier III Support Representative

Samantha is a plugin support agent happy to help those in need with their plugin issues. She enjoys playing games, drawing, and baking delicious treats. Most days, you'll find her caring for and taking pictures of her energetic ferrets, Cookie, Cream, and Cocoa.


Dale K Tier II Support Representative

Dale has well over 3 years of experience in running a variety of different servers. This has led to a great knowledge of plugin configuration, general troubleshooting, and all around server antics. He is hardworking, friendly, and enjoys providing the best support possible.