Matthew S Co-Founder

Matt founded MCProHosting in September of 2011 after meeting James Boehm. He's passionate about high availability infrastructure and web performance! In his free time you'll find him programming, designing theater lighting, flying planes, and creating short films.


James B Co-Founder

Born with entrepreneurship in his blood, James Boehm started MCProHosting with Matthew Salsamendi after meeting him online. James is an avid suit wearer, businessman and American.



Throughout his years at MCProHosting, Eli has worked his way up the corporate ladder from Support Representative to CEO. His unyielding ambition to strive for excellence is one of the biggest attributes to his success. In his free time you will find him flying drones, playing video games, or rooting for the Toronto Blue Jays.


Pedro E COO

Pedro loves two things, music and video games. With a long history in the corporate world, he brings new ideas and way to raise MCPH to new heights. On his free time he plays music and creates videos on his YouTube channel.


Greg L Director of Sales and Marketing

Greg is excited to be working with the amazing people at MCProHosting! He has been an avid Minecraft player since zombies dropped feathers. If you look hard enough, you might be able to find his defunct YouTube channel. During his downtime he enjoys playing other indie games.


Tanya P Department Manager

Tanya is in school to be an Elementary School Teacher with a minor in Business. In her downtime, she loves playing her favorite MMO or reading books.


Cory G Lead System Administrator

Cory is a Systems Administrator by trade. He has set up many large networks. He is a very outgoing person who always loves a good challenge. In his free time, he works on his server, makes YouTube Videos, creates websites and watches the latest TV shows.


Mark D Chief Information Officer

Mark has been playing around with computers since he was young. He loves toying with Linux in his free time and has now made his hobby his job as well.


Tyler D Community Manager

Tyler is a Systems Administrator and aspiring Software Engineer who has setup many large networks. He is a very outgoing person who always loves a good challenge. He strives to provide everyone with the most exciting Minecraft experience possible!


Dale K Tier II Support Representative

Dale has well over 3 years of experience in running a variety of different servers. This has led to a great knowledge of plugin configuartion, general troubleshooting, and all around server antics. He is hardworking, friendly, and enjoys providing the best support possible.


Daniel W Tier III Support Representative

Daniel's main goal is to make sure that the clients are happy with their experience here at MCProHosting. He has finished going to school for 3D Computer Animation and Game Design.


Eric S Tier II Support Representative

Eric is a keen gamer and programmer and has been playing Minecraft from the very start. He is here to support fellow Minecrafters whenever possible. When Eric is not providing Minecraft support he is playing games or making them.


Rolando B Tier II Support Representative

Rolando has been with McProHosting for 3 years now and loves helping you with any issues with your server! He is passionate about solving issues with your plugins or server configuration!


Jacob Y Support Specialist

Jacob has been playing Minecraft since early alpha or beta. He is here to provide the best support and help as many as he can. Avid gamer and enjoys finding new thing to do all the time.


Jared B Tier II Support Representative

Jared is a gamer and streamer. He enjoys helping people with technical issues and customer support.


Lindsey M Tier II Support Representative

Lindsey is double majoring in English Literature and Communication Studies with a minor in Business and spends her free time offering top notch support, reading the latest best seller, and of course playing minecraft.


Megan R Tier I Support Representative

Megan has always been interested in computers and gaming. She also has an associates degree in Computer Network Engineering. Megan is a full time computer nerd and gamer. She is always dedicated to making others happy!


Eve H Tier II Support Representative

Gamer, audio enthusiast, and tabletop geek; Eve specializes in unorthodox solutions to unorthodox problems.


Ashley P Tier III Support Representative

Ashley has been assisting clients with their server needs for over 2 years. You'll find her answering your billing, general support, and plugin setup tickets. She is an avid gamer, Imgurian, and enjoys all things toast. She is known as the MCPH crazy cat lady.


Todd L Support Specialist

Todd enjoys spending his time playing Minecraft and lurking around Twitch. He is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Central Florida and hopes to keep working in the gaming industry.


Kevin L Support Specialist

Kevin started playing Minecraft when it first released for Xbox 360. Starting his own server in 2013 he learned the ins and outs of many different plugins. In his free time he enjoys playing with plugins, gaming, creating YouTube content, and more!


Dusty A Tier III Support Representative

Dusty is a programmer who maintains a variety of popular Minecraft mods. He is currently studying for his B.S. degree in Computer Information Systems. In his free time, he enjoys role-playing games and producing YouTube content with his fiancee.


Lacie G Tier III Support Representative

Lacie is a student at Full Sail University pursuing a BFA in Creative Writing. In her spare time, she enjoys producing web shows, writing, programming and tending to her Siberian Husky kennel. The latest video games are always on her list.


Samantha S Tier III Support Representative

Samantha is passionate about Minecraft, Nintendo, and Classic games. She enjoys collecting plushies, figures, and art from all types of games. When free, Samantha loves to cook good food, and tinker around with Minecraft plugins.


Jared C Tier I Support Representative

Jared is a jack of all trades, who spends most of his time either: Gaming, Playing some Tabletop RPG's, Making YouTube videos, Creating songs, or finding some new DIY to start! Jared has been playing Minecraft since late 2011 and loves helping people with plugin issues! One of his dreams right now, is to create a Minecraft RPG server that everyone will enjoy!


TJ C Tier III Support Representative

TJ is a server administrator, and past site operator for several call center locations in Canada and the United States. Specializing in getting things done the right way, and leaving you with a smile on your face!


Brant M Tier I Support Representative

Brant is a gaming industry professional with over 4 years' experience working with, and providing support for gamers world wide. He has played Minecraft since early 2011, and spends most of his time supporting content creators.


Adam L Tier I Support Representative

Adam began his interests into Minecraft during beta 1.8. He spends the majority of his time studying into Accounting and plans to become an accountant after finishing High School and College. In his free time, Adam likes to plays Modded Minecraft.


Michael T Tier I Support Representative

Turner has been managing servers for about 2 years. He has been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.2, and has been enthralled ever since. Turner is avid in the Twitch community, spending his spare time volunteering.