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How to Buy a Dedicated Server Print

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MCProHosting is proud to offer a fully curated list of server systems already configured for optimal performance in their given role. While other providers make the process of choosing a server lengthy and daunting, MCProHosting makes this process easy!

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a physical computer, just like your PC, that is used for a particular role or purpose.

They differ from a VPS (virtual private server) in that you have 100% of the system's resources directly available to you, rather than leasing a set amount of CPU cores and memory that is shared with someone else!

They contain many of the same components as a normal computer but use their server-grade counterparts instead. Server-grade components offer more expandability options (such as multiple CPUs in the same system) or more stability options (such as error-correcting memory) than normal desktop hardware.

Dedicated servers are housed in datacenters, which provide ultra-high speed internet connections of 1 Gbps or more to the server. Servers are kept in a cool, dry, and secure location with a fully staffed team ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

What can a dedicated server do for me?

With your own dedicated server, you are in complete control of the role that the server plays for you. Some examples include:

  • Running a game server

  • Hosting a website

  • Offsite storage

  • Render farms

  • Database hosting

  • ...and more!

The choice is up to you. Dedicated servers are the fundamental building blocks of any platform. You have direct control of the operating system and the services that run on it.

Do I need a dedicated server?

If you want full control of the system coupled with blazing fast hardware: the answer is yes!

Dedicated servers may require some computer knowledge, but if you know a little bit already, then this is no problem! You'll also have the full attention of the MCProHosting team to help you whenever you need.

Most dedicated servers run some form of Linux and use a command-line interface. This means you type into a window to run commands and navigate through the server. Familiarity with Linux is a plus, but not required.

For a more familiar desktop interface, a desktop environment can be installed to Linux, or better yet, MCProHosting can install Windows Server. To control a Windows server, you will use Windows' "Remote Desktop Connection" to view the server's desktop and control it straight from your home PC.

How do I choose what's right for me?

MCProHosting makes this easy! We have curated 3 different configurations that allow you to quickly choose which one and get started.

Performance Tier

This is perfect for:

  • Large or demanding game servers

  • Running multiple game servers at the same time

  • Database hosting

General Tier

A great configuration for:

  • Small game/Minecraft servers

  • Running one or more websites or web applications

  • Small-scale file hosting / personal cloud

  • Development systems

Storage Tier

Great and useful for:

  • Offsite backup storage

  • Large file hosting

Each server under its respective category has been specially created by the MCProHosting team to fulfill its listed role and can be configured beyond its base configurations to fully suit your needs.

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