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How to Use FastDL on a Source Game Server Print

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Counter-Strike: GO, Garry's Mod, and other Source games allow for the use of custom gamemodes, maps, scripts, and more! To fully utilize things such as custom maps, FastDL is recommended.

FastDL stands for Fast Download. FastDL is the method of using a HTTP server for file hosting used with "sv_downloadurl" in source game servers to allow players to quickly download files such as maps for use on your server.

To use FastDL on your server:

1. To begin, set up a website for your server. We recommend the website 000webhost for setting up a free website you can use.

2. On 000webhost, sign up and then go to this area to create your website.

3. On that page, click the square with a + sign in the middle of it to create a new website. Set the "Website Name" to your preferred name and then set the password. Once done, click "Create" to create your website.

4. Once created, go back to this area and refresh the page to see your website listed.

5. For that website, click "Details" and locate the section "File Upload Details (FTP)". Using your website's FTP host, username, and password, log into your website's FTP using an FTP client program such as FileZilla.

For help using FTP, please refer to this guide.

6. Once you're logged into your website's FTP, in that FTP you will see two folders:

7. Click to enter the "public_html" folder. In this area, create folders for each Source game server you own.

8. Enter the folder of the Source game server you're wanting to set up FastDL for.

9. In that Source game server folder, create folders for the specific files you wish for players to "fast download". For example, we will be creating a "maps" folder and a "scripts" folder for the CS:GO game server folder.

10. Upload the map files you wish to allow players to download into the "maps" folder. Do this for any other folders you created, such as uploading scripts into the "scripts" folder.

11. Once done, go back to this area of 000webhost and click your website's link under the "Manage Website" and "Details" buttons.

12. At your website's link, in your browser edit that link and add the game server folder's name like this:



13. Now, take that link for the specific game server and proceed to add that link to your server.

Adding a FastDL link to your server:

1. Go on your server's control panel.

2. On your server's control panel, click "FTP File Access" on the left side to access your server's FTP.

3. In your server's FTP, go to the following location depending on your game server:

For CS:GO: /csgo/csgo/cfg/server.cfg (if that file is not already there, create it)

For Garry's Mod: /gmod/gmod/cfg/server.cfg (if that file is not already there, create it)

4. Click to enter that file. In the server.cfg file, add these settings:
sv_downloadurl "YOUR WEBSITE URL"
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1

For example:
sv_downloadurl "https://YOURWEBSITENAME.000webhostapp.com/csgo"

5. After adding these settings to your server.cfg file for your Souce game server, click "Save File" to save those changes.

6. Proceed to exit your server's FTP and then restart your server.

You have now successfully set up FastDL on your Source game server!

Experiencing issues using FastDL on your game server? You can submit a ticket or contact our Live Chat team for assistance!

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