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SpiGet is an automatic solution to installing Minecraft plugins on your server on your OneControlCenter. SpiGet is simple to use and will allow you to quickly add your preferred plugins to your server.

To use SpiGet to install plugins:

1. Ensure your server is set to a server type that supports plugins.
The following server types support plugins from SpiGet: Craftbukkit, Spigot, Paper, KCauldron
, Thermos, MCPC+, Tekkit 1.2.5

2. After ensuring your server supports a proper server type, on the left side of your control panel click "SpiGet Plugins".

3. Using the Search Bar, enter the name of the plugin you wish to install. For example, "EssentialsX".

4. After locating the plugin you wish to install, click on that plugin.

5. A description and "Tested with" versions this plugin supports will appear. Check to ensure the plugin you're wanting to install supports your server version. For example, if you're running a 1.14 server the plugin should support 1.14.

6. When you're ready to install that plugin, click the "INSTALL PLUGIN" button to install that plugin.

7. After installing the plugins of your choice, go back to your control panel and then restart your server.

Any plugins installed will now load on your server!

You have now successfully installed plugins through SpiGet on your MCProHosting server!

Need assistance in installing a particular plugin? You can contact our Live Chat team or submit a ticket for further help!

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