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How to Change Your Minecraft Server's Difficulty Print

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Changing your server's difficulty allows you to make your in-game experience easier or more difficult. Want to play without hostile mobs? Try peaceful mode! Need a more difficult experience? Try hard mode, which makes mobs deal more damage!

To change the difficulty for your server:

1. Login to your server's control panel.

2. On the left-hand side of your control panel, click File Access.

3. Locate the server.properties file. Click to edit this file.

4. Find the difficulty setting.

5. Change the difficulty from the current difficulty (normal by default) to either peaceful, easy, normal, or hard depending on which difficulty you want on your server.

Peaceful: Hostile mobs will not spawn or deal damage aside from the Enderdragon. Slowly replenish health over time. You will not lose hunger.

Easy: Hostile mobs deal less damage and cannot inflict status effects. Having full hunger will only drop your health down to 5 hearts.

Normal: The default/standard difficulty. Minecraft at its purest.

Hard: Hostile mobs deal more damage.

6. Click Save to save the changes you made to your server.properties file. Afterward, return to your main panel page by clicking Back to Control Center in your File Access.

7. Press the Start button to start your server back up.

Your Minecraft server will now start with the new difficulty that you selected!


Need assistance changing your server's difficulty? You can contact our Live Chat or submit a ticket for help!

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