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Changing the Default World on Your Minecraft Server Print

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Changing the default world on your Minecraft server allows you to set the main world. The main world on a server is the world which will gain access to all dimensions regularly on that server type including the Nether and End realms.

To change the default world on your server:

1. Go on your server's control panel and stop your server.

2. Ensure the world you wish to use is on your server. If you still need to upload that world, you can follow this guide

3. Once your server is offline, under Quick Options locate the World option.

4. In the World option, input the name of the world you wish to set as the default world. Ensure that the name is exact. (ex: If your world is named "best_mcprohostingserver ever", you would need to put that exact name, undercase and space included.)

5. Once that change has been made, click Save Quick Options.

6. After a brief refresh, you can now start your server to load that world as the default server world!

You've now successfully changed the default world on your Minecraft server! 

Fun Fact
: If you use a world management plugin such as Multiverse-Core, you can support many different worlds on your server. Any world that isn't the main default world on your server will be unable to support Nether and End portals.

Need assistance changing the default world or uploading a world? You can submit a ticket to our General Support team for help!

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