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How to Change your Minecraft Server Version Print

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On your server, you have full access to change your server's server type and version at any time. Prior to changing your server type/version, we'd recommend always taking a backup by using this guide.

To change your server's version:

1. Log into your control panel account.

2. On the left side of the control panel click on Server Type.

3. In the Server Type area next to Search, enter the name of your desired Server Type in the search bar.

4. After locating that server type, select the new version under the Version dropdown menu.

5. Once you've selected the new version you'd like to use, click the Install button on the right side of the Server Type.

6. You will be brought to a confirmation screen where you may select leftover files to delete.

Please note that you can delete all current server files by selecting the delete everythingprompt. This is very useful if you're looking to fully reset your server. You can also remove specific files by simply selecting them prior to confirming the installation.

7. Once you're ready, click Install Server Type to confirm that installation, and that will now install on your server with a progress bar:

8. You have now successfully changed the server type/version on your server!

Need assistance changing your server type/version? Submit a ticket to our General Support team for help!

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