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How to Upload your Single Player World to your Terraria Server Print

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On a Terraria server, it is possible to import/upload your single player world to your Terraria server to play on!

To upload your single player world to your Terraria server:

1. Start by grabbing your single-player Terraria world. Those files will be located here on your computer:

Windows/<PC owner>/Documents/My Games/Terraria/Worlds
Mac/Library/Application Support/Terraria/Worlds

2. Once you're in that location, locate the .wld files. Those are your single player worlds. Keep that folder open and now, open your browser to your server's control panel.

3. On your server's control panel, enter your server's FTP File Access.

4. In your server's FTP, go to this location: /worlds/

5. While in the worlds folder, click Upload File(s).

6. Go back to the folder on your computer and select that single-player world file you wish to upload, or drag-and-drop that .wld file into the Upload area.

7. Allow that world file to fully upload and then exit your server's FTP.

8. Back on your control panel under Quick Options, set the World Name option to the name of the world file you uploaded without .wld. For example, if the file was named mcprohosting.wld, we would set the World Name to mcprohosting.

9. After making those changes, click Save Options to save those changes.

10. Start your server and your server will now load your single-player Terraria world!

You have now successfully uploaded your single player world to your Terraria server!

Need assistance adding your Terraria world? Submit a ticket to our General Support department and we can help!

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