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What is Time Machine? Print

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Time Machine is available for all server owners. Time Machine backs up your server every hour, giving you and your community peace of mind as well as providing numerous other benefits!

Time Machine's benefits:

  • View automatic backups from the control panel.
  • Download any of those automatic backups without contacting support.
  • New backups will be taken every hour of every single day.

Time Machine's cost:

This addon will be $3.99 USD/month and can be purchased with any Game server plan.

To purchase Time Machine, you can purchase that with your server at checkout or by going on your control panel to your Backups area.


How do I see my Time Machine automatic backups? 

On the left side of your control panel, you will have the option to click "Time Machine" to see your automatic backups.

Does Time Machine support all of MCProHosting's supported Games?

Yes! Time Machine is available for all game servers.

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