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How to Switch Games on your One Plan Server Print

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How to Switch Games on your One Plan Server

If you own a One Plan, you have the exclusive benefit of being able to switch to any game we offer! You are able to do this from your server's dashboard.


First, head to your server's dashboard, then select Switch Game from the sidebar.

Picture of a OneControlCenter dashboard with One Plan related features. The "Switch Game" sidebar option is circled.


This will take you to the game selection menu, listing all of the games we currently offer.

A grid of all games MCProHosting currently offers.


To install a game, click the blue "Download" button.

A picture of a button with a download icon with the tooltip "Play Now!" above it.


From here, you will be prompted to take a backup of your server. We highly recommend taking a backup because your files will be wiped on type load.

A prompt asking the user to take a backup, with options to install with or without a backup.


Once your option is selected (and, if applicable, completed), it will install the game as well as its default type (this is usually Vanilla).

A note telling the user that the game is being installed and that it may take a minute to complete.


You will be redirected to the dashboard where you can verify the game has been installed properly.

A partial picture of the dashboard, showing the One Plan area, and the info, indicating the selected game was installed.


Need assistance accessing your server's FTP? Contact our Live Chat team or submit a ticket for help!

Do you want to learn more about other pages of the panel? Check out our Panel Navigation overview guide!

Do you have any suggestions for improvements? We would love to hear from you! Please fill out our suggestion form here.


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