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Connect to Your Minecraft: Bedrock Server on Xbox and Playstation Print

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There is an exciting new way to connect to your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition server on a console such as Xbox or Playstation using an amazing app called Bedrock Together.

Before using Bedrock Together:

  • Ensure that you own a Bedrock Edition server and have the Vanilla server type installed. It is best to use purely a Bedrock Edition - Vanilla server-type server. (Geyser is not fully supported and has been found to experience some bugs with Bedrock Together while playing on a console system.)

  • You will also need to install the Bedrock Together app. 
    ANDROID APP (Bedrock Together is not supported on Android, however, a paid app called MC Lan Proxy can be used instead but the developer does charge for this app.)

Using Bedrock Together:

  1. Make sure your Bedrock Edition server is online.
  2. Start the Bedrock Together app, where you will see Connect and an area to enter the IP and Port for your server.
  3. Enter your server's IP and Port into these fields.
  4. Then click the Run button to start the app, and it'll work to route the connection to your Xbox or Playstation.
  5. Open Minecraft on your console and navigate to the Friends tab and then locate the LAN section. Your server will be displayed here.
  6. You can now select the server to begin connecting. Once you're connected, you can then close the Bedrock Together app.

You will have now successfully connected to your Bedrock Edition server on your console!

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