How to load a new world with Experimental 1.20 features! Print

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If you'd like to enable the new 1.20 features on your server, there are a few additional steps you will have to follow to enable these features! A guide on how to do this is below!

1. Log in to your server's control panel and stop your server.
2. Under the "Select World" of your OneControlCenter panel, change the name of your world to Experimental and click "Save Quick Options."
The loading of experimental features at this time requires a new world to be created
3. On the left side click Configuration Files.
4. In the Configuration Files area, click "Edit File" next to the file.
5. In the file, locate the "initial-enabled-packs" setting.
6. Add the following options to enable specific features "update_1_20" and add "bundle" if you wish to enable the bundle item.

Adding these will enable 1.20 features as seen here: and

Your config file should look like this:
1.20 Experimental Options

7. Afterward, click "Save Changes" to confirm those changes.
8. Exit back to your control panel and start your server.

Your server will now load a new world with Experimental 1.20 features!

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