Insiders is a mix of some of the most loved and played game types from across genres. The thrill of murder mystery, the skill of task completion, and the deductive reasoning of finding out who the villain is. Insiders brings all of the best elements to make the most enjoyable Minecraft Minigame experience we have ever produced! We really hope you enjoy Insiders and all the hard work that went into it!


Tasks are given at the start of each game to every player. Each task has a designated area where you have to go to start the task.
TIP: Look at the icon to the left of the task and look for that on your minimap!


You will either be an Insider or a Crewmate. Insiders job is to stop the Crewmate from completing all of their tasks and winning the game through murder or sabotages! Crewmates have to complete their tasks and avoid getting killed until they can find out who the Insiders are.


Yep! A Constantly updating minimap helping you navigate yourself in the belly of this beast. Hallways, rooms, this Minecraft Minigame Minimap system will help you get to where you'll need to be!


Do you think a certain player has been acting sus? Make your voice heard by voting to remove who you think or know the guilty player is. Simply look at them and right click to cast your vote. You can choose to skip if you're unsure on any round.

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