☠️ Plundered ☠️

💀 What is Plundered?

With Plundered, there’s everything to play for, with guts, glory and good games being on the line! Are you and your friends ready to take on this inventive, quick-paced & challenging PVP mini-game? Well... We sure hope so because it’s sink or swim time!

Plundered is the latest in our exclusive line of Minecraft mini-games made for our ever-active Minecraft community.

⏰ How do I install Plundered?

Plundered is exclusive to MCProHosting Minecraft server owners only.
To Install: Go to One Control Panel > Mini-Games > Install Plundered.

We strongly suggest that you create a backup of your server before installing Plundered.

4 Ships 1 Winner

🎧 Vibe to Victory!

We want you to enjoy Plundered as much as possible. So we made a playlist just for you!
Well.. you and anyone else who wants to get into the pirate mood while firing themselves out of a cannon right into the battlefield.

So listen, awaken your inner pirate, and get that sweet, sweet victory!

👍 We really hope you enjoyed Plundered

Please let us know your thoughts and feedback by using the hashtag #MCProPlundered on Social Media or on our Community Discord.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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