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  • 24/7 Uptime
  • Blazing Fast SSDs
  • 24/7 Support
  • Low Latency Network
  • Modpack Support
  • Full Access to Files
Instant Modpack Installation

We provide the industry's leading server-side modpack installation service. Instantly get access to the all top modpacks, including FTB and Tekkit. You can play any modpack on your server at any time!

DDoS Protection

We provide automated protection against all kinds of attacks against your server. Our dedicated development team works 24/7 in order to keep your servers online all the time!

24/7 Access

Our servers operate around the clock meaning when you're ready to play, we're here! The dedicated hardware and network our systems operate on maintain 99.99% availability.

Ultra Low Latency

We provide 12 locations globally to ensure that you have the highest performing service no matter where your players are in the world. We're proud to offer services in multiple locations throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and more!

Unlimited Storage

We're firm believers in offering freedom, not limits! We provide unrestricted access to the disk space and several other resources that your server uses in order to provide the best experience possible. Concentrate on playing, not limits!

24/7 Support

Need some help with your server in the middle of the night? We're here! We have a dedicated 24/7 support team providing fastest ticket response times around. We're confident when we say we truly provide the best support in the industry.

Our Mission

MCProHosting LLC is run by the very finest in the Minecraft server hosting industry. We have a strong passion to develop the Minecraft community, by providing inexpensive servers with premium service.

We are firm believers that good business stems from a good product, and we work tirelessly to ensure each and every level of our service leads the industry standard. We pave a new path for Minecraft Server hosting providers all around the world.

Your Awesome Team at MCProHosting