1. Legal

This Master Services Agreement (MSA) is executed between the Client and Apex Hosting LLC(Apex). On April 11th, 2024, all contracts under this MSA will be assigned from MCProHosting LLC to Apex. If Client had previously entered this MSA with MCProHosting LLC, then this MSA shall govern the provision of the Services set forth herein to Client as of the date of the assignment.

This MSA is accompanied by the following addenda:

The MSA and these addenda govern services that Apex provides and define the terms of the basic MSA between Client and Apex. Apex offers many services, some of which require auxiliary agreements. These documents provide the fundamental terms for each respective service, and/or any additional services that Client would like Apex to provide. Some addenda may not be applicable to all Client engagements but are included for reference for future services. Client may locate these addenda at https://apexminecrafthosting.com/sla for review.

2. Acceptance

Client accepts this MSA by clicking or checking an acceptance option provided on our web site, electronically signing an order form or addendum, or installing and using any of the provided services or products. By accepting these services Client is agreeing that:

If Client does not agree with any of these statements, Client SHOULD NOT sign, click or check acceptance options, install, or use any services.

3. Fees, Billing, and Payment Terms

4. Term and Termination

5. Default Events and Remedies

General Provisions