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How do I activate an ARK event?

How do I mod a Valheim Server?

How do I add Behavior Packs to my Bedrock Edition server?

How do I use OneControlCenter's FTP area?

How do I add a Minecraft Server Icon?

What are the Minecraft Gamerules?

How do I setup MySQL?

A database can be created on your server dashboard by clicking the databases tab on your server navigation menu. You'll be provided with your database information in just a few clicks.

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How do I create a backup of my server?

At MCProHosting, we ensure you can make swift backups of your server by providing you with 3GB of free backup space in your server's backup area. You can also take manual backups of your server files to your computer. For full details on how this is done please click below.

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How do I install Rust:IO?

Rust:IO is an extension of Rust Oxide, adding a fully interactive browser live map of your Rust world. This map allows you to see player locations, buildings, and more. If you're familiar with the plugin Dynmap for Minecraft servers, this is nearly identical. For full installation instructions click “Find out More” Below.

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