Meet Our Team


Pedro E Chief Executive Officer

Pedro is a born leader, and enjoys running MCPH. He is also lucky to have a great team he gets to work with! He enjoys playing music and video games.


Dusty A Chief Technical Officer

Dusty is a programmer at heart. He started as part of the support team, and now oversees the day-to-day business operations and systems that drive our infrastructure.


Ashley P General Manager

Ashley is an animal lover and reptile enthusiast! She spend most of her time managing the LiveChat system and has over 9 years of experience with game servers. In her personal time, she spends the majority of her day with her dogs, cat, and reptiles. She also greatly enjoys poking the System Administrators with pointy sticks as well as #ModpackTraining.


Will B Brand & Marketing Manager

Marketing is something Will is very passionate about. He enjoys being creative and coming up with new ideas. His two passions are promotion and pizza! Will loves listening to music and cooking.


Junior F Community Manager

Junior was born in Brazil and moved to the states at an early age. A creative at heart with a passion for community development, marketing and Esports. He enjoys playing RPG games and watching sci-fi movies.


Bill P Merchandise & Logistics Coordinator

Cat lover and Metal Gear Solid aficionado. Passionate about traveling and cooking. Professional singer in the shower and believes cinnamon rolls are the superior desert!


Kevin L Support Coordinator

Kevin started playing Minecraft when it first released for Xbox 360. Starting his own server in 2013 he learned the ins and outs of many different plugins. In his free time he enjoys playing with plugins, gaming, creating YouTube content, and more!


Cade Y SysOps Coordinator

Cade is programmer with a soft-spot for platform automation. He loves writing chat bots, and long walks down the stacktrace. He usually spends his free time playing Factorio, Factorio, or working behind the scenes on events.


Todd L LiveChat Coordinator

Todd enjoys spending his time playing Minecraft and lurking around Twitch. He can be found petting stingrays and, of course, doing #ModpackTraining.


Lee C Partnership Manager

Lee has been with the Minecraft community since beta, when he's not working on new Spigot plugins or assisting others on forums he's usually playing Rocket League or Destiny on PC! Lee also has a large background in computer technology, any questions about hardware or software he would be happy to help! #PCMasterRace


Rachel P Public Relations Assistant

Rachel is a huge nerd. She currently resides with her husband and their kitty cat! When she’s not having arguments with her kitty cat, you can find her watching anime or baking and cooking! Maybe even munching on some Chipotle or Chick-Fil-A from time to time. Her favorite video games are Minecraft, Ark survival, Warframe, 7D2D and the tabletop RPG Dungeons and Dragons! (She also happens to be a major fan of the Harry Potter series and plenty more!)


Samantha S HR Manager

Samantha is a plugin support agent happy to help those in need with their plugin issues. She enjoys playing games, drawing, and baking delicious treats. Most days, you'll find her caring for and taking pictures of her energetic ferrets.


David S Creative Designer

Gaming, art, and motorcycles have always been apart of David's life. With plenty of experience to follow him, David became a well known, yet faceless artist of Volkswagen Buses. As he continued his endeavors, he started working in video production. With a newfound passion, David entered contractual work that lead him to becoming the Resident Artist for MCProHosting.


Elizabeth R Creative Designer

Elizabeth is an aspiring artist, who has a zoo in her home and a party in her soul. Young and adventurous, she fell in love with the ability to tell stories, but struggled with the want to know more about computers. When she did basic web development in her after school time, she found the animation department, where her dreams finally came true. Now she is a Graphic Artist with the passion to light up even the darkest of stories.


Cain K DevOps Engineer

Cain's a developer who is obsessed with Coca-Cola and Dominos. He loves taking aerial shots with his drone of his local area. He usually spends his time playing Rocket League, FiveM or babysitting.


Jacob Y SysOps Administrator

Jacob has been playing Minecraft since early alpha and is an avid gamer at heart. He is here to provide the best support and help as many as he can. When he’s not assisting others you will normally find him playing games, working on fun computer related projects or exploring the sky’s with one of his many drones.


Stefan N SysOps Administrator

Stefan’s a computer enthusiast, who loves assisting people. If he’s not responding to your tickets, he’ll probably be outside exploring nature, wandering around the city, or playing Minecraft and League. You can always count him in for a good time.


Daniel W LiveChat Agent

Daniel's main goal is to make sure that the clients are happy with their experience here at MCProHosting. He has finished going to school for 3D Computer Animation and Game Design.


Dale K LiveChat Agent

Dale has over 6 years of experience in running a variety of different servers. This has led to a great knowledge of general troubleshooting, plugin configuration and many more server aspects. He is hardworking, friendly and enjoys providing quality server support.


Adam L LiveChat Agent

Adam enjoys spending his time playing video games. He enjoys trying to break many different games, or just pushing them to their crashing point. When he isn’t breaking things, he likes to spend his time streaming on Twitch, or just watching YouTube. He is studying Psychology currently in college.

Michael Y

Michael Y LiveChat Agent

When Michael isn't writing content for various gaming and YouTube communities, he's toiling away creating mods for Minecraft as well as the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series and helping out in the creation of modpacks - or making his dog Rocket uncomfortable by staring at her for minutes at a time. A creative soul in a bearded package.


Jonathan B LiveChat Agent

Jonathan has always been a Minecraft player at heart. Starting just after 1.0, he quickly learned about the joy that is multiplayer and has been hosting servers off and on since then. He loves stretching the limits of what is possible in the game, so he is always up to solving the challenges that others face when hosting their own servers!


Noah P Ticket Responder

Noah spends his time playing Minecraft, among other games, streaming on Twitch, or perusing degrees in Finance and Marketing. With server experience dating back to Minecraft 1.2.5 he has amassed great knowledge with regards to troubleshooting, plugin configuration, mod issues, and just about anything server related.


Aaron J Ticket Responder

Aaron is a long term support specialist with a love for Virtual-Reality, you'll often find him on YouTube or in his headset.


Kelvin R Ticket Responder

Customer satisfaction is Kelvin's main goal. He has been in the Minecraft industry since 2012. If he is not poking around in the gaming industry, he is pursuing his hobby as a photographer.


Austin N Ticket Responder

Austin is a Networking Enthusiast who enjoys spending his free time configuring switches and setting up VLANs! Frequently obsessed with all sorts of pizza especially coal fired. In his freetime you will see him enjoying RTS games such as Stellaris or soon Cyberpunk 2077!


Tyler H Ticket Responder

Tyler is passionate about Minecraft and helping others! When hes not playing Minecraft or working, hes either eating a Chicken Cesar Salad or feeding giraffes at the zoo.