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Mianite Reborn Legacy server guide banner

Minecraft Mianite Servers Modpack Guide

Minecraft Mianite Servers - Modpack Introduction Adventure into a modpack designed with insane challenges and fun storylines, available on Minecraft Mianite servers. The Mianite modpack, known as Mianite Reborn, is a pack that first began as a modpack project between content creators like Syndicate and Captain Sparklez. In that adventure, they named their server “Mianite” and traveled, battled, and had an epic time. Inside the pack, players could pick between two main factions, the Mianites, a

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Mech and Magic server hosting guide modpack banner

Mech and Magic Server Modpack Guide

Mech and Magic Server - Modpack Introduction Welcome adventurer! Are you looking to explore new worlds filled with magic and technology? Look no further than the Mech and Magic server modpack to bring a new exciting experience to your Minecraft server. Mech and Magic is a 1.12.2 Minecraft modpack with over 180 mods, offering magically unique gameplay to all types of players. With such a variety of mods, this modpack offers incredibly deep and engaging gameplay that’s sure to keep you and your

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Minecraft Dungeons Origins server modpack guide banner

Origins Server Modpack Guide

Origins Server Modpack Guide Introduction Enter a new adventure of Minecraft Dungeons x Minecraft with the Origins server modpack. The Dungeons Origins Fabric modpack contains everything you loved about Minecraft Dungeons and more to enjoy. From diverse new biomes like a better Nether and End to dungeons and custom mineshafts. In addition, players can collect powerful gear and take on unique custom mobs and bosses. By leveling up, working together, and gaining better items and mighty enchantme

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Lucky Block Servers – Modpack Guide

Lucky Block Servers Introduction Minecraft is a game that is filled with infinite possibilities and now you can take that to a whole new level with Lucky Block servers. The Ultimate Lucky Block Battle modpack is a pack that contains many well-known Lucky Block mods, in a combination that provides a truly hectic and fun experience for your server players. Players will find different lucky block types inside the pack, each with their own drops and surprises. These lucky blocks can be found al

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Attack of the B-Team Server Hosting

Attack of the B-Team Server Hosting Introduction Take on a modpack designed by popular Minecraft YouTube creators with your friends in the movie-like modpack - Attack of the B-Team server hosting! The Attack of the B-Team modpack was created by BDoubleO and GenerikB, made to be fun and challenging for all who try the group of over 100 mods. These mods expand your world into what you may imagine “Minecraft 2” could be, with new biomes, tools, weapons, and even the ability to travel into space.

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Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons Minecraft Server Hosting

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons Minecraft Server Introduction Turn your server into an RPG when you try a Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons Minecraft server. The Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons modpack offers exciting adventures and challenges for players who seek a new and engaging gameplay experience. With a wide range of modded features, such as procedurally generated dungeons, new biomes, and magic systems, the modpack caters to every type of player. Playing with friends can greatly en

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Women Gaming Communities Spotlight

Women Gaming Communities - Spotlight Introduction Throughout the years, the gaming industry and game servers have been seeing a significant increase in the number of female gamers around the world. From a report by Newzoo, around 46% of all gamers in the United States are female gamers. Unfortunately, despite these numbers, there is still gender disparity within the gaming industry where women are often underrepresented. This includes underrepresentation in gaming development, esports, and str

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Pokehaan Craft Servers – Guide

Pokehaan Craft Servers – Introduction Are you ready for an unforgettable Pokemon adventure? Look no further than Pokehaan Craft servers. The Pokehaan Craft Minecraft modpack is the perfect way to embark on an epic Pokemon adventure. With over 800 different Pokemon to encounter and catch, you'll have hours of fun exploring unique regions and battling other trainers from around the globe. With the Pixelmon mod, players can capture and train Pokemon just like in the main games like Pokemon Emeral

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Enigmatica 6 Server – Modpack Guide

Enigmatica 6 Server Guide – Modpack Introduction Turn a new leaf with friends inside Enigmatica 6 server hosting, a modpack designed to have a bit of everything in it. Enigmatica 6 is a 1.16.5 modpack bursting with over 350+ mods, providing a wealth of content to explore. Within these mods, there is everything from beautiful world generation, tons of unique structures, and automation through machines and blocks, alongside hundreds of new building and decorative blocks. There is something to su

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Hexxit 2 Server Modpack Guide

Hexxit 2 Server Hosting – Modpack Introduction Shift your focus towards an adventure like no other, filled with adventure, exploration, and amazing boss battles when you play on Hexxit 2 server hosting. Hexxit 2 is a Technic modpack that adds new features, items, and gameplay mechanics to the game for players. Inside the pack, you'll find creatures and worlds from popular mods such as Thaumcraft, Tinker's Construct, and Better Dungeons. Think of towering spires, dark dungeons, weathered ruins,

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DarkRPG Server Hosting – Guide

DarkRPG Server Hosting – Modpack Introduction Prepare for an epic magical adventure with your friends in DarkRPG server hosting. The wondrous DarkRPG modpack is uniquely packed with everything you need for an adventurous and magical journey with friends. There are quests, performance-boosting mods, custom menus, exotic weapons, spells, machines, and more to try. The adventures you’ll experience will take you through unique worlds too, many having creatures never seen before in Minecraft. You c

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All In One One Block server hosting modpack banner

One Block Server Hosting

One Block Server – Introduction Add a new level of challenge to Minecraft when you play a One Block server modpack adventure with friends. The One Block modpack is unique compared to others, bringing with it 12 different phases to journey through. In these phases, you and your friends will face farmland, a hostile underground world, magic, and even a bee-filled dimension called the bumblezone. There are over 110 mods to discover in this modpack, designed to give you and your players the ultima

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Minecraft SevTech Ages server hosting guide banner

SevTech Ages Server – Guide

SevTech Ages server Introduction Try never before made gameplay mechanics with your friends in a SevTech Ages server modpack. Mechanics such as sneaky hiding ore, dynamically hidden items, and new unique mobs! SevTech Ages modpack is a progression-based pack of Minecraft mods. With over 200 mods to enjoy, players are taken through a rich storyline through different ages of time. Working alongside your friends in the pack, you can unlock and develop new technologies and advance with hundreds of

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Minecraft Valhelsia 3 server modpack banner

Valhelsia 3 Server – Guide

Valhelsia 3 Server Introduction Prepare for a wondrous modpack experience brimming with fun on a Valhelsia 3 server. The Valhelsia 3 modpack contains over 250 mods with the goal to provide something for every type of player to enjoy. Whether you prefer being a builder with gorgeous decorative blocks, an engineer with automation and machinery, or an adventurer plundering dungeons. You can create your own Valhelsia 3 server hosting below and explore more of the features inside the modpack that a

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Medieval Minecraft server guide banner

Medieval Minecraft Server – Guide

Medieval Minecraft Server Introduction The greatest medieval fantasy RPG exploration is just around the corner when you try Medieval Minecraft server hosting with your friends. Inside the Medieval Minecraft modpack, there are over 300+ mods with something for every type of gamer to enjoy. You and your friends can dive into epic boss battles, explore civilizations, build a kingdom, use magic, collect new weapons, and more. To get started on your own adventure, you can look below to learn how to

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