Frequently Asked Questions

What are your server specs?

We utilize only bare-metal dedicated servers equipped with:
Dual E5-2600 Series CPUs
Enterprise-Grade SSDs
1 Gbps Network Connection
Enterprise-Class Linux

What locations do you offer?

Phoenix, Arizona

Seattle, Washington

Los Angeles, California

Ashburn, Virginia

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Singapore, Southeast Asia

Hong Kong, Asia

Chicago, Illinois

Melbourne, Australia

Buffalo, New York

Dallas, Texas

West Palm Beach, Florida

Paris, France

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Frankfurt, Germany

London, United Kingdom

San Francisco, California

Washington, D.C

New York, New York

Atlanta, Georgia

San Jose, California

Sydney, Australia

How do I contact support?

Our dedicated support team work around the clock 24/7 day and night to answer any questions you may have!

To get in touch, use our live chat or submit a support ticket. Please note LiveChat is available daily from 9am - 1am EST.

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