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  • 2 GB RAM
  • 5 Player Slots
Enterprise Grade Hardware
Powerful DDoS Protection
Unlimited storage space
24/7 Support
Exclusive Locations

What is Freemium?

The FreeBee plan is a freemium plan, offering dynamic and impressive Minecraft server hosting for free with what you need to get started with your own server! Using a free Minecraft server there are restrictions on some functionality (however, these do not affect performance) to offer this excellent service. When a FreeBee server becomes inactive for 14 days, the server is backed up and removed to maintain space for other server owners. If there are any tools that you need you can easily upgrade and gain access to those features for your server to enhance your server and the experience for your players!

Upgrade & Get More

To take advantage of the full unlimited potential, check out any of our Premium Plans or Trial Plans. Along with access to your Minecraft free server hosting, the experience of your Minecraft server can be enhanced through upgrades to unlock, build and improve your Minecraft server!

Get instant access to quick options & configurations for your server..

Unlock all Minecraft server types to change at any time.

Access to create automated processes and databases for your server.

Experience unlimited players and game chat on your server panel.