MCProHosting is Migrating to Apex Hosting

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Nathan Young

We’re proud to announce that all servers are being switched over to Apex Hosting – join us! This transition will improve your hosting experience, as you have access to extra features for better customization. There are many other benefits too, including Apex’s full game library for more opportunities to host the best possible server. Additionally, all your server files will be safe and nothing will be deleted. This migration will begin 04/25/2024, marking the day you’re able to transfer over. Keep in mind that those who do not move their server(s) will automatically be switched by our team. You can find more information about this in the sections below, along with benefits!

Migration Details

  • Start date: 04/25/2024
  • Customers will be emailed to begin migrating their server(s) to Apex Hosting.
  • This process does not impact server files or existing billing information.
  • The panel is completely different, but offers new features for improved experiences.
  • New customers will be redirected to Apex Hosting’s ordering process.
  • Those who don’t migrate will automatically be moved.
  • Visit this tutorial to learn more about migrating your server.

Migration Benefits

  • Server location switcher
  • Unlimited player slots
  • Powerful customization options
  • Improved support for custom servers
  • Access to Apex Hosting’s full game library
  • Complimentary 30 days of Premium Support

Welcome to the Apex Family!

Those who’ve been with us since the beginning, we thank you for all the years! We’re proud to have offered you our services, but now the time has come for a brand new experience. Migrating to Apex will open the doors for many opportunities. Explore an advanced and streamlined user-interface with tons of features that await. Switch between games and use server profiles to store all your files accordingly. Completely customize the gameplay for your players, including quick plugin or mod installations. Our goal is to provide you with the best server hosting, so join us in switching over to Apex Hosting for an upgraded experience.