MCProHosting 2021 Year in Review!

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Dear MCProHosting customer, partners, and friends!

The year 2021 is coming to an end, and this year has brought to many experiences and challenges no one imagined. It was another year of self-reflection and soul searching as we discovered what really mattered in life, and what was unimportant.

MCProHosting celebrated it’s 10 Year Anniversary in August, being thankful for being the premier game server hosting. This wouldn’t have been possible without the continued support of our customers, our partners, and our amazing team! We’ve reached new heights, and accomplished great things, in spite of the world still healing from its global pandemic. Our team of passionate individuals continued to work, day and night, to provide that 5 Star service we are known for in the gaming space.

I’d like to take 3 minutes to highlight some of the biggest accomplishments this year:

Trust Pilot Five Stars

Speaking of 5-Star Service, we are happy to say that we have reached and kept our 5 star rating on Trust Pilot for 12 consecutive months.  I couldn’t be more proud of our support team, and their commitment and fire towards helping every single one of our customers.


Our Discord community is close to reaching 10,000 members and it is composed of the best and smartest people in the community.  We have lots of people ranging from casual gamers, to experienced servers admin.  It is a great place to get a lot of your everyday questions answered.  We decided it was a great place for our Support Team to be and provide expert support via our new Discord Support addon.  This allows you to chat with someone right away, and get those answers to things you need!

One Plans

You spoke and we listened!  Our DevOps team has worked hard to roll out with our One Plans, which allow you to host any game we currently support, any time you’d like.  These have become quite the popular option for those gamers that like to explore Ark one day, and jump into a long fight with an EnderDragon in Minecraft.  One Control Center allows you to have the freedom to click, switch, and go!

Checkout Process

We continue to develop and make our checkout process easier so our clients can start playing right away.  This means consistently finding new and better ways to help you select your server plan and get started!  In as little as 4 clicks, you can have your selected plan in the cart, then selected your payment method, and you’re all set!

Time Machine

We had an idea to create a system that would provide peace of mind, knowing your hard work was well kept and secured.  The release of Time Machine allows the client to only concern themselves with playing the game and managing the server.  Should anything happen, Time Machine can step in and undo anything that may cause a less than optimal experience!

New Games

In our never-ending task to continue to support multiplayer games, we’re ecstatic to release support for many games, including “7 Days to Die”, “Team Fortress 2”, “Terraria Mobile”, “Don’t Starve Together”, and “Satisfactory”.  We have even more games planned to be available to host in 2022!

So many great things happened in 2021, and many more planned and half way there going into 2022, we can’t wait to share those with you.

From our team at MCProHosting, we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and a fantastic new year!

Pedro Esparza
Chief Executive Officer