Can I Manage and Use Minecraft Plugins? Print

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MCProHosting allows you full access to all the files and configurations on your server! As long as you have a server type installed that supports plugins(such as Spigot or Bukkit), you are able to install and manage plugins.
This means that you're able to easily make changes to any plugins you install.

Below, you can reference our other knowledgebase articles for information on accessing your server's files through FTP, how to install plugins manually, and more!

Knowledgebase Articles:
How to use FTP to access your server's files.
How to Manually Install Minecraft Plugins.
Recommended Minecraft Plugins you can use on your server!

Not running a server type that supports plugins? You can easily change your server's server type to a server type that supports Minecraft plugins by following this guide.

Need further assistance with installing, editing, or using Minecraft plugins? You can submit a ticket to MCProHosting's Plugins department for help!

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