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Can I Manage and Use Minecraft Plugins? MCProHosting allows you full access to all the files and configurations on your server! As long... Can I Use BungeeCord? Yes! You are able to install and use BungeeCord on our Minecraft: Java Edition servers. To set up... Contact and Navigation Guide Support Related QuestionsYou can make a support ticket to any department here or contact our Live... Do you allow us to use any mods or server jars we want? Do you allow us to use any mods or server jars we want?Yes, we do! We allow you to upload any jar... Do you provide 24/7 uptime? All servers come with true 99.99% uptime meaning your server will very rarely - if ever - be... Do you provide MySQL databases? Do you provide MySQL databases?Yes! We provide MySQL free of charge. To get a database simply go... Getting Support How to get support from MCProHosting.If you are having trouble with your Minecraft server or have... Having Login Issues? Control Panel Login Issues: Begin by ensuring you're logging in under the correct email... How long does server setup take? Once we receive payment for your server, the setup will begin automatically!Depending on the... How to Import Your MySQL Database This knowledgebase article will explain how to import your MySQL database from another source.... How to Make a Support Ticket How to make support ticket if you have a problem with or a question about our services. Opening... I ordered a server, but it hasn't shown up and I haven't received any information! I ordered a server, but it hasn’t shown up and I haven’t received any information!We're very... My server IP is wrong or my server is whitelisted When I log into my server I'm on a different server or the IP doesn't work!Chances are you're not... Server Locations MCProHosting Offers MCProHosting offers the server locations: Locations (16 Total) Auckland, New... The Affiliates Program Through the MCProHosting Affiliates Program, you can earn money to help you with your server... What are the specs on our servers? We utilize the following specs as a standard on all our nodes: Our server fleet utilizes premium... What control panel do our servers use? We offer our own custom panel One Control Center, which allows you full and direct control over...
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