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How to Add SubUser Access to LiveChat Accessing LiveChat has long been only available to the server owner. Now, your sub-users can... How to Log Into OneControlCenter OneControlCenter is our completely custom control panel that you will use to control your server.... How to Set Up Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an important tool in protecting your account from unwanted... OneControlCenter - Using the Control Panel At MCProHosting, we’re proud to offer our completely custom control panel to our clients called... Navigating your Dashboard on OneControlCenter OneControlCenter Dashboard Your OneControlCenter dashboard is broken up into different “panels.”... How to Setup Your Subdomain Setting up your subdomain is relatively simple! This guide will walk you through the whole... How to Configure Files on OneControlCenter Editing files inside FTP File Access 1. Log in to your OneControlCenter Panel 2. On the... How to Switch Games on your One Plan Server How to Switch Games on your One Plan Server If you own a One Plan, you have the exclusive... How to install MCProHosting Minigames At MCProHosting, we offer several preset minigames for you to install on your server! NOTE:... How to Setup a MySQL Database MySQL is an alternative storage method that some plugins and mods support, allowing you to set up... How to Use FTP on OneControlCenter Using FTP is required for many things such as uploading Minecraft worlds, installing Rust Oxide... How to Add a Sub-User to Your Control Panel Adding a user to your control panel allows you to add others that can help to manage your server.... Automations (Automated Commands) and Setting Them Up Through our panel, we offer a way to set up automated commands on your server that run when you... Firewall and Port Management At MCProHosting, we provide a firewall and port opening solution to keep your server safe while... How to Create a Backup At MCProHosting, we ensure you can make swift backups of your server by providing you with 3 GB...
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