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BungeeCord - Setup Form The BungeeCord Setup can be redeemed to have at least three servers or more in a network. To... Create-A-Modpack Setup Form The Create-a-Modpack Setup can be redeemed to have at least three servers or more in a network.... Discord Support - Linking Your Account Discord Support is an avenue of support MCProHosting is proud to offer. Discord Support will... Extended Modpack Support - Information Extended Modpack Support Addon MCProHosting now offers the Extended Modpack Support addon for a... Game Server Management Addons We're excited to introduce Game Server Management Packs! This guide will explain the differences... Having Login Issues? Control Panel If you find you are unable to login into your control panel, there are a few... Herobrine Plan - What is Unlimited? (Retired Plan) The Herobrine 10GB plan with Unlimited RAM is now retired as of the end of 2020. All newly... How to Add a Second Account to Your Client Area How to add another user to your billing area login so they can pay invoices, have access to WHMCS... How to Cancel Your Server Canceling your server is not difficult, and this guide will show you how that is done. We're... How to Cancel a Paypal Subscription Automatic payments are a great way to ensure your server is always paid for on time! However, if... How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) Two-Factor Authentication, or 2FA, is an extra layer of security for your account that goes... How to Make One-Time Payments MCProHosting is a subscription-based service, meaning that upon purchase, you will be subscribed... How to Make a Support Ticket How to make support ticket if you have a problem with or a question about our services. Opening... How to Purchase Additional Ram on Minecraft Servers RAM is an important server resource for a Minecraft server. RAM determines how many worlds,... How to Upgrade Your Game Server Upgrading your Game server is very easy. To begin, just log on to your Billing Area here and... How to Upgrade Your Minecraft Server Upgrading your Minecraft server is very easy. To begin, just log on to your Billing Area here and... Plugin Setup Form If you have already purchased our Server Management addon you can use the Plugin Setup form below... Server Locations MCProHosting Offers MCProHosting offers the server locations: Locations (22 Total) Auckland, New... Server Management Addons This guide will explain the differences between the Server Management addons and exactly what you... Shield - Advanced DDoS Protection At MCProHosting, we strive for the best safety and protection for our clients. To accomplish... Specialty Service Discounts - a thank you from MCProHosting! At MCProHosting, we care about and respect the many Veterans throughout the world and Educational... Switching Between Java and Bedrock on a Minecraft Server Minecraft plans now offer a server option to change between Minecraft: Java Edition and... Switching Games with the One Plan The One Plan is a server option provided by MCProHosting that allows you to switch at any time... The Affiliates Program Through the MCProHosting Affiliates Program, you can earn money to help you with your server... Why was my order marked as Fraud? If our fraud system has flagged your order we have listed a few of the most common causes below!... Will my server get suspended if I don’t pay on time? Yes, but not until 5 days after the invoice going overdue. This allows you plenty of time to pay!... How to Add a Sub-User to Your Control Panel Adding a user to your control panel allows you to add others that can help to manage your server....
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