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The Create-a-Modpack Setup can be redeemed to have at least three servers or more in a network. To redeem a Create-a-Modpack Setup, you will need to have an active Server Management pack. You can learn more about Server Management packs here. 

Here is the empty Create-a-Modpack Setup form(examples included):

Which Minecraft version would you like this modpack to run on? 
(example: 1.16.5)

List all of the mods you would like to use. (ensure the mods are usable for the version requested; please include links to each mod.)
Biomes O' Plenty:
The Twilight Forest:

Are there any recipes you'd like to be disabled? (if so, please list those below.(excluding HQM Quests mod))

Would you like to have any special config changes performed? 
Biomes O' Plenty - Please set this as the default server-level and generate a new world.)

Would you like to run plugins on your server? (only if possible)
(example: No)

You can then submit your Create-a-Modpack Setup form to our Setups team here where our team of setup specialists will complete your network setup! If you have any questions regarding the form, you can ask in a ticket before submitting your setup form. 

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