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Advertising Your Minecraft Server Looking to advertise your Minecraft server and need help on where to start? You're in the right... BungeeCord Setup Form The BungeeCord Setup can be redeemed to have at least three servers or more in a network. To... Changing Your Minecraft Server Type Changing your server's server type allows you to fully customize your server, whether you're... Changing Your Minecraft View Distance The view-distance setting on your Minecraft server determines the distance a player can see... Changing the Default World on Your Minecraft Server Changing the default world on your Minecraft server allows you to set the main world. The main... Create-A-Modpack Setup Form The Create-a-Modpack Setup can be redeemed to have at least three servers or more in a network.... Extended Modpack Support Addon The Extended Modpack Support addon is an addon you can redeem to have a non-server-compatible... Having Login Issues? Control Panel Login Issues: Begin by ensuring you're logging in under the correct email... How To Download Your Server Files Downloading your server files can be important for downloading important files, backing up maps,... How to Add a Minecraft Server Icon A server icon is the image that appears next to your server when added to a player's Minecraft... How to Add a Resource Pack to a Minecraft Server Resource packs replace existing resources in the game including textures, sounds, music, models,... How to Change Your Minecraft Server's Difficulty Changing your server's difficulty allows you to make your in-game experience easier or more... How to Change Your Minecraft Server's Game Mode On your Minecraft server, you can change the default game mode of your server. Whether you want... How to Change Your Minecraft World Seed A Minecraft world seed is a set of characters, including positive and negative whole numbers,... How to Change the MOTD of Your Minecraft Server A server's MOTD is the message displayed on your server when added/listed within a Minecraft... How to Change your Minecraft Server Version On your server, you have full access to change your server's server type and version at any time.... How to Enable Command Blocks on a Minecraft Server Command Blocks are a Redstone component in Minecraft that can execute console commands when... How to Make a Support Ticket How to make support ticket if you have a problem with or a question about our services. Opening... How to Manually Take a Backup Often you may need to take a backup of your server, but are close to or out of backup quota. You... How to OP Yourself on Your Minecraft: Java Edition Server Minecraft OP (Operator) status gives a player full access to all commands and permissions on a... How to Set Your Minecraft Server to Offline Mode Disabling online mode on a Minecraft server allows players in offline mode (sometimes known as... How to Upload a World to your Minecraft Server Your Minecraft server will support custom maps and we'll show you how to add that map to your... How to Whitelist Your Minecraft Server on OneControlCenter Whitelisting your server prevents users that are not on the list from joining your server. By... How to load a new world with Experimental 1.20 features! If you'd like to enable the new 1.20 features on your server, there are a few additional steps... Minecraft Color Codes Minecraft supports color codes which are used in many different file settings for Minecraft.... Minecraft Gamerules and How to Change Them For Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Pocket Edition, gamerules are supported. These... Reducing Lag on Minecraft Servers This article will help you learn how to reduce lag and repair lag on your Minecraft server.... Server Locations MCProHosting Offers MCProHosting offers the server locations: Locations (16 Total) Auckland, New... How to Setup a MySQL Database MySQL is an alternative storage method that some plugins and mods support, allowing you to set up... How to Add a Sub-User to Your Control Panel Adding a user to your control panel allows you to add others that can help to manage your server.... How to Create a Backup At MCProHosting, we ensure you can make swift backups of your server by providing you with 3 GB...
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