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The BungeeCord Setup can be redeemed to have at least three servers or more in a network. To redeem a BungeeCord Setup, you will need to have an active BungeeCord Setup addon. You can learn more about the BungeeCord Setup addon and how to purchase that here!

Here is the empty BungeeCord Setup form(examples included):

Which Minecraft version would you like to use across your network? 
(example: 1.17.1)

Which server will be your BungeeCord server? (the BungeeCord server is a non-playable server used to connect the network together) (include the server's numerical IP address below)

List of the names, numerical IP addresses, and the port of each of those servers. (this includes your BungeeCord server and then your playable servers)
BungeeCord -
Hub -
Factions -

What is your Minecraft username?
(example: MCProHosting)

What are the Minecraft usernames of any Admins you'd like added to your network?

Which server will be your default server? (the server players first spawn into when they join your network) (this cannot be your BungeeCord server)
(example: Hub)

Which servers would you like to be set as additional priorities? (these are where the server's players will be sent to, in order, if the Hub server or other servers listed go down)

Would you like players to be forced to the default server every time they join?
(example: Yes)

What would you like as the MOTD for your network?
(example: &b&lMy Epic BungeeCord Network /n&f&lJoin Now for an Exclusive&6&lCopper Sword&f&l!)

How many players would you like the player limit set to? (this is only for visual appearance; player slots depends on your playable servers)
(example: 1000)

Do you want your network in offline mode? (allows non-premium players to join your server but is a concern as it disables official Mojang authentication and makes it easier for bots and hacked clients to join) (use offline mode at your own discretion)
(example: No)

Would you like to have any plugins installed? (BungeeCord plugins can be found on Spigot by clicking here)
(example: BungeeTabListPlus, SimpleStaffChat)

You can then submit your BungeeCord Setup form to our Setups team here where our team of setup specialists will complete your network setup! If you have any questions regarding the form, you can ask in a ticket before submitting your setup form. 

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