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The Extended Modpack Support addon is an addon you can redeem to have a non-server-compatible modpack made to be server-compatible with your Minecraft server.

◦ If the modpack you've always wanted to use isn't server-compatible, with this addon our team can make it compatible with your server.
◦ Our team of modpack experts will personally go through the non-server-compatible modpack and will make adjustments to ensure it is compatible and setup on your server.


$6.99 USD for a one-time setup

How To Purchase:

  1. Submit a ticket to our Billing team requesting this addon. 
  2. Our Billing team will respond, invoicing you for this addon.
  3. Once the invoice is paid, your Extended Modpack Support addon will become active and can then be redeemed.

How To Redeem:

  1. Submit a ticket to our Setups team requesting to redeem your Extended Modpack Support addon and include the non-server-compatible modpack.
  2. Our team will now review the modpack and begin working to make that compatible with your server.
  3. Our modpack team will ensure that modpack is installed and working and once it is, they'll respond and let you know!
  4. You can now join your modpack server using that modpack! (CurseForge and similar modpack launchers are recommended.)


  • Any modpacks made server-compatible will continue to be supported by our modpacks team as long as that modpack remains in an unmodified state.
  • If the modpack is deleted/removed from the server, our team would be unable to repeat the setup without requiring a new Extended Modpack Support addon.

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