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If you have already purchased our Server Management addon you can use the Plugin Setup form below and submit it to the Plugin Setup team here to redeem your setup. You can find a blank form in your email titled "Plugin Setup Form" after purchasing the addon. 

If you would like to purchase our Server Management addon after your initial checkout, you can purchase it on your service's Upgrade/Downgrade Options page.

Please note, that there are certain things that are not able to be set up through a Plugin Setup. Those are: 
- GUIs, Crates, Skripts(scripts)
- Buycraft (Tebex)/Enjin or Premium Plugins
- BungeeCord, Waterfall, Velocity, and other proxy server types (these require our BungeeCord Setup addon).

To ensure your server is set up the way you want it, we have a special form to fill out.

You can find a blank example of our "Plugin Setup form" here:

1. List of Plugins you want: <insert plugins here> (example: Essentials, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, LuckPerms, WorldBorder, Vault, etc.)
2. Additional details if any: (e.g. Disable creeper block damage.)
3. Permission Groups. Use the below group form for each group you wish to have created.

Group Name: <groupname> (example: Member)
Is this group the default group: <yes/no>
Is this group allowed to build?: <yes/no>
Group Prefix (the title you want the rank to have): <prefixhere> (example: &0[&bMember&0]&r )
Group Color: <color here> (ie: White &f?)
Group Permissions. One permission per line please:
- PERMISSION (examples: essentials.afk, worldedit.*, factions.access.player)
Group inherits From Group (gets the abilities of what group?): <groupname> (example: default) 

4. Kits. (Use the below kit form for each kit you wish to have created.

Kit Name: <kitname> (example: Member)
- ITEM, NAME, LORE (example: leather helmet, &bMembers Helmet, &3A helmet for Members of the server.)

The number of groups and kits your setup supports depends on the Server Management pack you own. You can learn more here.

You now know how to fill out the Plugin Setup form! 
Need further help? You can submit a support ticket to our Setup department and our Setup team can help you!

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