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With a Starbound server, you're able to upload your own universe to your server. This allows you to access and play on that universe, whether this is a universe you download online or a universe you created in single player!

To begin with uploading a universe to a Starbound server, follow these steps:


  1. Begin by going on your control panel and then click "Stop" to stop your server.

  2. Once your server is offline, we recommend that you take a backup. (When you upload a universe, you must delete the current universe on your server. A backup allows you to save your existing universe in the event you ever wish to restore that universe.)

  3. Once a backup has been taken, on your control panel click "Files" and then "FTP File Access" to open your server's webFTP.

  4. In your server's webFTP, go to the location: /starbound/storage/universe

  5. In the "universe" folder, select and delete all of the files within that folder aside from the "universe.lock" file.
    You are now ready to upload your universe to your server!

  1. Locate and download the universe files you would like to upload on your server.

    If you're wishing to download and use your single player Starbound universe, go to this location on your computer:
    /Program Files/Steam/steamapps/starbound

  1. Simply upload each file of that universe into that "universe" folder.

  2. Once all of those universe files are uploaded, exit your server's FTP and then click "Start" to start your server.


Your server will now proceed to load that universe you uploaded to your server!

If you experience issues uploading a universe to your Starbound, submit a ticket to our General Support department for further assistance!

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