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Fabric is a modding toolchain which allows servers to utilize Fabric mods. You can learn more about Fabric here!

To install Fabric to a Minecraft server:

1. Begin by downloading the Fabric server installer found here.
(you can select either the .exe or .jar installer to download)

2. Open that installer. Once opened, select "Server" and then the Minecraft version you wish to run.

3. Select the install location(we recommend selecting an empty folder on your desktop or in your downloads) and then click "Install".
Fabric will now install a "fabric-server-launch.jar" file within this folder. 

The fabric installer will also ask to install a regular server .jar. Confirm this and download that regular .jar file as well.

4. Now, open that folder where you installed Fabric to. Double-click and run that "fabric-server-launch.jar" file.

5. Fabric will launch generating all of the Fabric server files within that folder.

6. After all Fabric server files have generated, delete the ".fabric" file.

You will also need to rename the "fabric-server-launch.jar" file to "custom.jar".

7. Proceed to login to your MCProHosting server's FTP using FileZilla or another FTP client!

8. Ensure your MCProHosting server's FTP is empty. If there are already files in the FTP, delete those. If you wish to backup any files beforehand, you can take a backup by using this guide.

9. Now, upload all of those Fabric server files onto your MCProHosting server through the FTP client.

10. Once finished, go on your server's control panel and click "Server Type". 

11. Click "Click to Change Selected Jar" and set that to "custom.jar".

12. Click "Apply", go back to your control panel, and then start your Minecraft server!

Your server will now start, loading Fabric!

To run Fabric mods:

1. Download the FabricAPI mod found here: FabricAPI

2. Go on your server's control panel and click "Files" and then "FTP File Access".

3. In your server's FTP, click to enter the "mods" folder.

4. Click "Upload File" and drag-and-drop that "fabric-api.jar" mod file to your server.

5. Allow that file to fully upload, exit your FTP, and then restart your server.

You can now support Fabric API based mods on your server!
You can find mods that support Fabric here!:

FabricAPI based mods are installed the same exact way as Forge mods, using this guide.

Need assistance installing Fabric on your server? You can contact our Live Chat or submit a ticket and we can help you!

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