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Adding Plugins on a Forge Minecraft Server On Forge servers, certain versions of Forge support specific server types allowing for plugins.... Create-A-Modpack Setup Form The Create-a-Modpack Setup can be redeemed to have at least three servers or more in a network.... Extended Modpack Support Addon The Extended Modpack Support addon is an addon you can redeem to have a non-server-compatible... How to Import a Create-A-Modpack Using MultiMC This guide will show you the steps to take to import a Create-A-Modpack into MultiMC for easy... How to Import a Create-A-Modpack Using the CurseForge App This guide will explain how to import your Create-A-Modpack using the CurseForge App (through the... How to Install Fabric Fabric is a modding toolchain which allows servers to utilize Fabric mods. You can learn more... How to Install Forge At MCProHosting, you are fully able to use the Forge server type on your server. This enables... How to Install Minecraft Mods Minecraft mods add to the Minecraft experience, bringing new blocks, mobs, and features to the... How to Install Simple Voice Chat Simple Voice Chat is a Minecraft: Java Edition Forge mod that allows users to speak to each other... How to Install Sponge to a Minecraft Server Sponge is a mod that can be installed to Forge 1.8.9 and above version servers to allow servers... How to Install a Client Side Custom Modpack Using MultiMC We recommend that you either use the official jar, however, you may find it easier to use a... Modpacks You Can Install On Your Minecraft Server MCProHosting offers a Server Type installer, allowing for the installation of many different... Skyfactory 4 - Generators and Level Types Skyfactory 4 is a modpack that supports many different generators and level types, allowing you...
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