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At MCProHosting, we ensure you can make swift backups of your server by providing you with 3 GB of free backup space in your server's backup area. You can also take manual backups of your server files to your computer. You can view a guide on how to take a backup through FTP here.


Accessing the Backups Area

1. Go on your server's control panel and then Stop your server. This will ensure that your backup contains all up-to-date files.

2. Once your server is fully offline, on your control panel at the left-side click the Backups tab.

3. You're now in the backups area. From here, you can make a backup with the left half of the page, or view and manage your backups on the right half.

Creating a Backup

To create a backup here, input the backup name you wish to use in the Backup Name field. 

If you would like to backup all files, click the “Select All Files” button. The approximate backup size will appear on the left side of the panel.

Alternatively, if you wish to select certain files to reduce the backup size, click the checkmark next to specific files you wish to keep.

Once done, scroll to the bottom, then click Create Backup to start the backup creation. Depending on your server size, this may take a few moments.

Managing Backups

The right side of the panel shows all of your backups and how much quota you are using. By default, servers are allotted 3 GB, but you can purchase more by submitting a ticket to Billing.

Each backup shows its name, size, when it was created, and state. You can also download, restore, edit (the name), or delete it. Newer backups will also show the type and version of the backup, which will be loaded on Restore.

Under State in the Backups area, you will see an icon indicating the current state of the backup. Alternatively, you can hover to see what the state is as well. See below for a current mapping of backup statuses.

Once the backup has reached Completed, you have successfully taken a backup on your server! If you need to restore a backup at any time, you can click the Restore button next to the backup you wish to restore to restore that backup. By restoring a backup, will replace all files within your FTP. It is highly recommended that you take a manual backup of any files you wish to keep before restoring a previous backup.


Do you want to take a manual backup through FTP? You can view our guide to do that here!

Experiencing issues with backups? Submit a ticket to our team, and we can assist you!

Do you want to learn more about other pages of the panel? Check out our Panel Navigation overview guide!

Do you have any suggestions for improvements? We would love to hear from you! Please fill out our suggestion form here.

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