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Minecraft supports color codes which are used in many different file settings for Minecraft. These can include the server's MOTD, plugin messages and chat formatting, language settings, and more. Below, you can find the color codes within Minecraft:

Color Name Code #1(used with MOTD) Code #2(used with MOTD) Code #3(often used within plugins)
dark_red §4 \u00A74 &4
red §c \u00A7c &c
gold §6 \u00A76
yellow §e \u00A7e
dark_green §2 \u00A72
green §a \u00A7a
aqua §b \u00A7b
dark_aqua §3 \u00A73
dark_blue §1 \u00A71
blue §9 \u00A79
light_purple §d \u00A7d
dark_purple §5 \u00A75
white §f \u00A7f
gray §7 \u00A77
dark_gray §8 \u00A78
black §0 \u00A70
reset (reset color to default) §r \u00A7r
bold §l \u00A7l
italic §o \u00A7o
underline §n \u00A7n
strike §m \u00A7m
craziness §k \u00A7k


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