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At MCProHosting, we strive for the best safety and protection for our clients. To accomplish this, we offer an add-on called Shield.


What is Shield?

Shield is world-class DDoS protection for your servers, offered in Partnership with Cloudflare Spectrum.

What does Shield include?

  • Proactive and real-time mitigation
  • Over 192 Tbps (192,000 Gbps) of mitigation bandwidth
  • Multiple traffic routes, reducing latency by up to 17%

What does Shield cost?

Shield is $6.99 USD/monthly.

Setting up Shield:

  1. Go on your MCProHosting server control panel.
  2. On the left-hand side, click Shield.
  3. On this page, input the name of the address you'd like to use. For example, myserver 
  4. Next, select the domain you'd like your address to be hosted under. For example,
  5. Finally, click Create Shield Subdomain to setup your shield domain!

Interested in purchasing Shield with your server? Contact our Billing department here to get started!

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