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Behavior packs and resource packs on Bedrock Edition can add new features to the game and assets to change the look and playability of the game!

To install behavior and resource packs to your Bedrock Edition server:

1. Locate the behavior/resource packs you wish to use. Proceed to install those on your client-side using this guide.

You will also need to activate the behavior/resource packs on a world on your client-side. This can require a new world. If you already have an existing world with addons, you can also use that world.

2. Once those are installed, start up a world at least once.

3. Afterward, close your Bedrock client and now on your PC, go to the following location:

4. In the com.mojang folder, enter the "minecraftWorlds" folder.

5. Then click the world you created in this folder. In this folder, select the behavior_packs and resource_packs folder along with the world_behavior_packs.json, world_behavior_pack_history.jsonworld_resource_pack_history.json and world_resource_packs.json files, and using a program such as WinRAR, zip those folders up into a .zip file.

6. After zipping up those files, now go to your server's FTP File Access on your control panel.

7. In your FTP, enter your worlds folder, click the folder for your default world and enter that.

8. Upload that .zip file and then unzip that within the world folder. This will unzip the behavior pack folders into the world.

9. With that done, you can now exit your server's FTP and restart your server.

You have now manually added Bedrock Edition addons to your Bedrock Edition server!

Experiencing issues with adding addons? Submit a ticket to our General Support department and we can help!

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