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Your server supports the ability to upload your own worlds, whether they're custom worlds downloaded online or your own single-player worlds.

To Locate Your Single Player Save:

  1. On your PC, you will need to go to the following location if you're using Windows:
  2. You will then see a Saves folder. Enter that folder. Here, you will see all of your local 7 Days to Die world saves.
  3. In the Saves folder, you will see all of the worlds you had created on your single-player.
  4. Select that specific world you're looking to upload, right-click that world, and then using a program such as 7Zip or WinRAR add that to a .zip archive.

  5. Click OK to confirm the creation of that .zip file containing that specific single-player world.

Uploading a World:

  1. Login to your 7 Days to Die server's control panel.
  2. On the control panel, click FTP File Access to enter the server's FTP.
  3. In the FTP, go to the following location: /.local/share/7DaysToDie/Saves/
  4. In that location, click Upload File(s) and then upload that single-player or custom world .zip file to this location.
  5. Once that .zip file is fully uploaded, click Unzip to unpack that world folder.
  6. After unpacking, we advise entering that single-player or custom world folder to see what the folder named within that is called. 
    As an example, the world can be formatted as \East Tobari County\My Game\. "East Tobari County" would be the world name and "My Game" would be the save name.
  7. Go back in the FTP now until you see the 7d2d folder. Then enter that folder.
  8. Enter the 7d2d folder and then click to edit the serverconfig.xml file.
  9. In that file, scroll down under the <!-- GAMEPLAY --> and <!-- World --> text. This is where the world options are stored.
  10. For GameWorld, set that to the name of the world itself. For example, "East Tobari County".
  11. For GameName, set that to the name of the save for that world. For example, "My Game".
  12. After making those changes, press Save and then go back to the control panel. Restart the server to load that world.

That single-player or custom world will now load on your 7 Days to Die server!

Need assistance with adding a single-player or custom world to your server? Contact our support team for help!

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