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Don't Starve Together requires server owners to add a cluster token to the server before it can come online and allow players to join. You will need to own Don't Starve Together to get a cluster token.

Generating a Cluster Token

  1. Start Steam, enter your Library, and then start Don't Starve Together.
  2. Once Don't Starve Together is online, click the Account icon.

    This will open a Steam overlay window with your User Info.
  3. Click GAMES at the top. You will then need to click Game Servers under Don't Starve Together.
  4. You will now see ADD NEW SERVER where you can input a Cluster Name. Input your server's name here and then click Add New Server.
  5. This will now generate a cluster token. Here is an example of that page:
  6. Copy that token and we can now add that to the server!

Adding a Cluster Token

  1. Login to your Don't Starve Together server's control panel.
  2. On your server's control panel, click FTP File Access to enter the server's FTP.
  3. In the FTP, edit the file.
  4. In this file, locate the cluster_token= setting. Add the cluster token into this setting.
  5. Afterward, save and then restart your server.
  6. Your server will now start and will be fully joinable!

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