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Simple Voice Chat is a Minecraft: Java Edition Forge mod that allows users to speak to each other through Minecraft rather than using platforms such as Discord and TeamSpeak, even allowing proximity chat to be used! It may appear to be a fuss to set up, but it’s worth it and this knowledgebase article breaks down the process as much as possible.

It is worth noting that Simple Voice Chat only works on Minecraft: Java Edition, but it can be used on Fabric, Forge, and Bukkit servers, including any Bukkit forks such as Spigot and Paper. It is only supported from 1.15.2 to the latest Minecraft version, which at the time of writing the article, is 1.18.1The mod must also be installed on your game as well for it to work properly. You can see how to install mods yourself at this linkIf you’re connecting to a plugin server like Bukkit, Spigot or Paper, you can choose between using Forge or Fabric to load this mod.

SimpleVoiceChat's website page links:
Forge    |    Fabric    |    Plugins

Installing Simple Voice Chat on your server

  1. Make sure that you’ve installed a compatible server version and type for your server. Simple Voice Chat supports 1.15.2 up to the latest server version. It works with the following platforms:
    1. Bukkit/Spigot/Paper, if your server runs plugins rather than mods.
    2. Forge, if your server uses Forge mods.
    3. Fabric, if your server uses Fabric mods.
  2. Download the version of Simple Voice Chat that is compatible with your server version.
  3. Open up your server’s dashboard in the OneControlCenter panel.
  4. Enter the FTP File Access page to open your server's FTP, where your server files are stored.
  5. Go into the mods folder if you’re using Forge or Fabric, otherwise, go into the plugins folder if you’re using Bukkit, Spigot, or Paper.
  6. Click the Upload Files button at the top of the FTP page, and then select the Simple Voice Chat mod file to upload.

    This file is often formatted as
    voicechat-fabric-<minecraft-version>-<mod-version>.jar, such as voicechat-fabric-1.18.1-2.2.16.jar as an example.

  7. Once you’ve finished, exit the FTP File Access and open the Advanced dropdown menu to your left, clicking Firewall Management.
  8. In the top right corner of the page, click New Port Mapping:

  9. When a random source port is selected, type it into the destination port as well and ensure the protocol is set to UDP, like the following:

  10. Restart the server on your server dashboard so that the mod/plugin loads the necessary configuration.
  11. Once the server is online, go into the Configuration page to your left and search up voicechat, so you get similar results here:

    (Please note that this will vary depending on whether you use Bukkit, Forge, or Fabric.)
  12. Click the Edit File button next to the file.
  13. Set the value of port to the random port you opened not long ago.
  14. Restart the server, then rejoin.
    1. If you have the little microphone icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, voice chat has been set up successfully!
    2. If you don’t see an icon at all, make sure that voice chat icons are enabled by pressing the “V” key on your keyboard and clicking on the button that hides or shows the icons:

      1. If you get a different icon such as the plug icon or find you’re struggling to get Voicechat working, the mod developers do have a troubleshooting guide on making sure everything is set up correctly. You are able to view it here:

If you’re having trouble setting up Simple Voice Chat, submit a ticket to our General Support department here and we will be more than happy to help check everything for you!

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