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Essentials signs are a wonderful part of the Essentials and EssentialsX plugins, adding support for buy & sell signs, warp signs, kit signs, and more! By default, Essentials signs are not enabled. 

To enable Essentials signs on your Minecraft Server:

1. Begin by logging into your Minecraft server's control panel.

2. On the left navigation bar, click "FTP File Access". This will open your server's web FTP.

3. In your FTP, navigate to the location /plugins/Essentials/.

4. At this location, locate the "config.yml" file. Click to edit this file.

5. Scroll through the "config.yml" file until you locate the "Essentials Sign Control" section (around line 260). There, locate the "enableSigns:" option. Under that option, you will see each of the Essentials signs.

6. To enable an Essentials sign, remove the "hashtag" (#) directly before each sign that you would like to enable. Be sure to remove ONLY the hashtag.

As an example, we will enable the Color, Buy, Sell, Warp, and Repair signs:

  - color
  #- balance
  - buy
  - sell
  #- trade
  #- free
  #- disposal
  - warp
  #- kit
  #- mail
  #- enchant
  #- gamemode
  #- heal
  #- info
  #- spawnmob
  - repair
  #- time
  #- weather

7. Once you have enabled the sings of your choosing, click the "Save File" button to save those changes.

8. Exit your server's FTP and finally, restart your server to load the Essentials configuration changes. Your chosen Essentials Signs will now be enabled.

For help creating each of the signs, refer to the official Essentials guide for signs here.

Having any trouble enabling Essentials signs? You can submit a ticket to our Plugins department for assistance!

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