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A Satisfactory server requires that you claim your server ingame as part of the setup, allowing your server to display on the server list. This guide will show you how to add the server to your ingame manager and set up a session to play!

To Claim your Satisfactory server

(You must start the server before following these steps)

  1. On your control panel find the "Advanced" dropdown to the left.
  2. Proceed to "Firewall Management" and find the port mapping for "Destination Port: 15777"

    • Collect the "Source Port" and "IP"
  3. In the Satisfactory main menu, find the "Server Manager" and open it.
  4. At the center bottom use the "Add Server" button.
  5. Use the "IP" and "Source Port" from step 2 in the "Address" & "Port" boxes.
  6. You will now name your server in the prompt box and set an admin password.
  7. Finally, select the "Create Game" section.
  8. Choose a starting area and session name, then press the "Create Game" button.

Your server will now be available to join and play! If you experience any issues claiming your Satisfactory server, submit a ticket to our General Support department for further assistance!

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