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The Steam Workshop has a variety of game-changing content you can install! New maps, vehicles, weapons, zombies, and so much more! This guide will; show you how to install your selected mods to your server!

How To Install Workshop Mods on Unturned.

  1. To begin gather the steam ID of the workshop item you wish to install.
  2. In the URL you can see this ID after "?id=". Save this, and any others for later.
  3. Navigate to your server panel, then close your server with the red "Stop" button.
  4. Select "FTP File Access" on the left-hand side, under Server Management".
  5. Go to the following file directory: \unturned\Servers\<serverName>
    • "<serverName>" will be replaced by the "Server Name" set in your "Quick Options" at the control panel dashboard.
  6. Find the "WorkshopDownloadConfig.json" file, then press the "Edit" button to the right.
  7. Find "File_IDs", and In-between the brackets, add a new line for each mod you add.
  8. On each new line, add the mod ID(s) you saved. Place a comma at the end of each ID number, except for the last number.
  9. Press "Save & Close" once complete, then restart the server.

If you experience issues adding a Workshop Content on your Unturned server, submit a ticket to our General Support department for further assistance!

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