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Crates can be both a feature and a reward for players-alike on Minecraft servers. Crates allows for random rewards through tasks, quests, voting rewards, and more.

GoldenCrates - custom random crate rewards

To accomplish creating your own custom crates, begin by installing GoldenCratesYou can follow this guide to install GoldenCrates.

Recommended Extra Plugins:
Vault - adds economy support for requiring cost to open a crate.
◦ Holographic Displays - add custom holograms to the crates in-game.
Citizens - link specific crates to NPCs, allowing players to view and open crates with that NPC. 

This plugin offers:
◦ An in-game GUI editor to easily create/manage crates, change crate settings, and add/modify rewards.
◦ Fully customize crate rewards including custom items, executing commands, and even multiple rewards.
◦ Assign crates to chests, NPCs, and any other block or sign on your server.
◦ The ability to fully customize the GoldenCrates GUI.
◦ Economy support for selling crates/crate keys.



Creating Crates

Type the command /crate editor and click on "New Crate" to get started with creating a crate.

  1. Type to name of the crate in chat to get started.
  2. Then click that Crate in the editor to begin editing that crate.
  3. From there, you can use the "Reward Manager" to add custom rewards, "Block Effects" to add particle effects, "Block Hologram" to add a hologram, and the "Key Manager" to edit the key settings.

Getting a Crate and Key

To get a crate, type this command in-game:
/crate give <player> <crate> <amount>

To get a key, type this command in-game:
/crate givekey <player> <key> <amount>

Need help with GoldenCrates? You can contact our ticket support team here for help!

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