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Schematics are a specific file format that stores parts of Minecraft worlds using different software such as MCEdit, WorldEdit, Schematica, Minecraft Note Block Studio, and more). Schematics are great for storing important areas of your server and pasting areas to your already existing worlds. In this guide, you will learn how to add schematics, create schematics, and then paste those schematics!

Adding Schematics to Your Server Through WorldEdit

1. To start, ensure that you have the plugin or mod WorldEdit(alternative plugin: FastASyncWorldEdit) installed.

You can install the WorldEdit plugin by using this guide.
You can install the WorldEdit mod by using this guide.

With WorldEdit installed, it's time to add the schematic!

2. On your server's control panel, click FTP File Access to enter your server's webFTP.

3a. If you're using the WorldEdit plugin, enter the following folders: /plugins/WorldEdit/

3b. If you're using the WorldEdit mod, enter the following folders: /config/worldedit/

4. Within that WorldEdit folder, click New Folder and create a folder named schematics.

5. It's now time to locate a schematic you wish to add to your server if you haven't already. You can find some fantastic schematics on PlanetMinecraft here!

Schematics are files ending with .schematic file. For example, this Starwars spaceship downloads as gunship.schematic.

6. Once downloaded, within your server's webFTP click Upload File(s).

7. Select and upload the .schematic files you downloaded. 

You have now successfully added schematics to your server!

Creating Schematics on Your Server Through WorldEdit

1. To save a schematic, start by building the schematic on your server. This can be anything you'd like to build from a simple house, to a classroom, to towers and dungeons and so much more!

2. Once you have built your amazing creation, it's time to save it! Ensure you are an Operator on your server and then run the command //wand.

You can Op yourself by entering the Console area on your control panel and typing: op USERNAME

3. This //wand command adds a wooden axe to your inventory. This is the WorldEdit wand, used for selecting regions.

4. Using this wand, go to the upper-right hand corner of your build and select that block. Ensure that you select the corner is a way to select your entire build.

5. Go to the opposite side, the lower-left hand corner of your build, and select that block.

6. With your build selected, typed this command to copy that build: //copy

7. It's now time to save that build. With that build copied, type this command to save that build as a schematic: //schem save mcedit <filename(without .schematic)>

For example: //schem save mcedit EpicTower

You have now successfully saved your own custom schematic! 

Pasting Schematics on Your Server Through WorldEdit

1. Start by loading the schematic that you wish to paste within your world with this command: //schem load mcedit <filename(without .schematic)>

2. It's now time to paste that schematic! You can paste that schematic by standing in the direction you wish to paste that and typing: //paste

Schematics will paste relative to how they were copied and therefore, you may need to try multiple times to get a schematic to paste in the correct spot. If you need to undo a paste, you can type: //undo

You have now successfully added schematics to your world!

Need help with WorldEdit or schematics? Contact our LiveChat team or submit a ticket for help!

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