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The Prison Plugin Pack is a set of plugins exclusively set up and curated by MCProHosting with a preconfigured Prison server setup including A-Z ranks, the ability to create your own mines, already setup rank ups, and more!


  • Plots
  • Mine resetting support
  • Rank up setup
  • A-Z custom ranks, including staff ranks.
  • Many custom commands including homes, /spawn, /tpa, /back, custom chat formatting, and more.
  • Admin world protections.
  • Anti-lag. (automatically clears dropped items after 5 minutes)
  • Advanced world editing tools.


Rankup commands, plot commands, /sethome, /delhome, /home, /spawn, /sell, /tpa, /tpaccept, /tpdeny, /msg, /r, /help, /rules, /list, /top, /warp, Essentials Signs

All default permissions, /kit, /heal, /hat, /firework, /back, /afk, /me, /ignore, /repair, /recipe, /nick, /feed, /skull, /realname

Moderator and Admin:
All default and VIP permissions plus permissions assigned to each specific group to help moderator and manage players on the server.

All permissions.

Getting started:

The Prison pack includes A through Z ranks and rankups. Rankup costs begin at $500 for rank B and go up in price in increments of $500. The rank up costs are easy to change and can be done in the Rankup configuration file.

Players can begin ranking up with the command: /rankup
Players can claim their own plot by using this command: /plot auto

Mines can be created on your server through MineResetLite while having the rank Owner by using the commands for the plugin found here!

All staff groups setup only have a suffix. This allows staff to be able to rankup on the Prison server while still having a staff rank.
When adding a staff member, do so with these exact commands:

  • /lp user <user> parent add <staffgroup>
  • /lp user <user> parent add <ranka-z>


  • EssentialsX
  • Vault
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard
  • ClearLag
  • LuckPerms
  • PlotSquared
  • MineResetLite
  • Rankup

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