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The Skyblock Plugin Pack is a set of plugins exclusively set up and curated by MCProHosting to include a ready-to-go server that has full support for Skyblock already set up.


  • A skyblock world.
  • Many custom commands including homes, /spawn, /tpa, /back, custom chat formatting, and more.
  • Admin world protections.
  • Five(5) fully custom groups designed specifically for this plugin pack.
  • Anti-lag. (automatically clears dropped items after 5 minutes)
  • Advanced world editing tools.


/island, /sethome, /delhome, /home, /spawn, /sell, /tpa, /tpaccept, /tpdeny, /msg, /r, /help, /rules, /list, /top, /warp, Essentials Signs

All default permissions, /kit, /heal, /hat, /firework, /back, /afk, /me, /ignore, /repair, /recipe, /nick, /feed, /skull, /realname

Moderator and Admin:
All default and VIP permissions plus permissions assigned to each specific group to help moderator and manage players on the server.

All permissions.

Getting started:

To begin creating a skyblock, join the server and type this command: /island

Here are some fun features players will have access to:

  • You can invite a player to join your island and play together with this command: /island invite <username>
  • You can easily reset your island with this command: /island reset (by default, there is a reset limit of 2 which can be changed in the BSkyblock configuration)
  • BSkyblock includes challenges that are able to be completed for rewards! Players can access these challenges with the command: /challenges


  • EssentialsX
  • Vault
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard
  • ClearLag
  • LuckPerms
  • BentoBox
  • BSkyblock
  • Multiverse-Core
  • Multiverse-Portals
  • PlaceholderAPI
  • ProtocolLib
  • DecentHolograms

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